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Catching Up With Life + Career Coach Brian Patacca of Brian Breaks Character

This week on August 1st was WORLD LUNG CANCER DAY. Brian's dad died of lung cancer when he was 28. Today we discuss recent yacht adventures, our experiences hand modeling, BTS of Brian's podcast, and vegan potato salad. Brian is a life, business, executive, and career coach as seen on MTV's "Made." He engages creative professionals seeking to ignite their businesses with fierce accountability, marketing innovation, and soul-satisfying success.

He is also my BFF. Listen to Brian Breaks Character! On the Brian Breaks Character podcast, we slay the suffering artist myth so you can attract the right attention, get out of your own way, and become so aligned with your spiritual purpose that abundance in all its glorious forms finds you. @briansaysthat Brian's dad's eulogy:

Say hi! @dyingoflaughter_podcast / Do you like this show? Leaving a review on Apple Podcasts is extremely appreciated...I read & cherish every single one! @_ChelsWhoElse_ |



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