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Chelsea London Lloyd is a comedian & grief activist who uses humor to help people cope with their pain. Lloyd grew up with two sick parents; at age 8 her parents were diagnosed with ALS and breast cancer. Her dad died of ALS when she was 19 and her mom -- who lost her own mother to leukemia at 19 -- currently combats stage 4 metastatic breast cancer which returned after 17 years in remission.


Lloyd volunteers / hosts peer-lead grief groups via The Dinner Party, mentors a 9 year-old girl (whose mom has stage 4 BC) via Walk With Sally, and volunteers each year at OUR HOUSE: Grief Support via their children's grief camps. She is on the Council of Advisors for the Young Survivors Coalition, the largest organization dedicated to young people affected by breast cancer.

When she is not discussing grief or doing comedy, you will find her hosting the podcast DYING OF LAUGHTER featuring interviews with millennial comedians and funny-at-heart humans with a deceased parent or sibling.

She is currently producing viral short-form comedic & grief content for BuzzFeed. 

Chelsea is verified on Facebook.

Her acting & comedic work can be found at

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