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ThriveOnLife, 11/14/2020

The Perfect Combination

I recently found Dying of Laughter and it’s swept me off my feet. As someone who lost their mother young (from cancer) and then more and more people through the years, this podcast is exactly what I need. It’s the perfect amount of humor to combat the serious/heavy conversations and that’s just one of the many reasons I love this show!

SamDunst, 11/01/2020

So good

I absolutely love both Chelsea and this podcast! I shared this with friends who personally relate to this topic and it has become a staple in both their (and my) podcast weekly listens. Keep killing it Chelsea!!!-bg

Debdeb1986, 01/16/2020

Such an important subject matter

Beautiful podcast with a wonderful message. Chelsea has done an amazing job with this important subject matter and brings people’s stories to life in an engaging and amazing manner!

Lauren-CCPod, 11/08/2020

Humor & Heart x 10000000

Chelsea, the combination of your humor and heart in this podcast is something so many people are craving (including me). I am a sensitive person and tend to detract from hard-to-digest topics like sickness and death because they bring up painful memories and moments. In listening to your show, I realize what a gift it is to have turned your own pain into your purpose so that you can help others. I really loved your episode with your mom and appreciate your ep on BRCA since I am also Ashkenazi Jewish. For anyone wondering how the heck comedy and discussing cancer go hand in hand, you must subscribe to Dying of Laughter.

JCBloom, 03/31/2020


A really wonderful podcast on a topic that everybody goes through and almost nobody talks about

sisterhood friends, 11/04/2020

Blown away

The honesty and vulnerability from Chelsea and all of her guests is truly remarkable and so so so powerful. I lost four people in one year and experienced so much pain, anger, and guilt while feeling so incredibly alone in my sorrow. This podcast would have helped me tremendously during those difficult times. Chelsea, thank you so much for creating this podcast and being a source of support and healing for so many people during the hardest times in their lives. 💗

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