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Dead Dad Round Table with Asia Watson & Jareed Gaines of "Done With Adulting"

Today we are talking about our dead dads. Hosts Asia & Jareed of DONE WITH ADULTING open up about their grief stories: Asia lost her dad in college to sarcoidosis and Jareed lost his dad last year to kidney failure. We also discuss the complexities of making end-of-life decisions, the aftermath of losing your dad in college, losing your dad before coming a dad, and how people grieve differently. Done with Adulting is a weekly podcast that will provide you the relief you need from life’s biggest pressure. Boston based best friends will attempt to break down the societal expectations of “adulting” and examine the effects across different generations.

These insightful conversations, with relatable guests, are just what you need to hack adulting and maximize whatever phase of life you are in. Hosts: @simplyasianoelle & @bgreatordietryn of @donewithadultingpod.

Say hi! @dyingoflaughter_podcast / Do you like this show? Leaving a review on Apple Podcasts is extremely appreciated...I read & cherish every single one!

Listen here:


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