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Losing Your Dad to a Heart Attack w/ Christine Mulhearne, Former Advertising Style DiR. at OprAH MAG

Christine Mulhearne, inspired by the mission statement of O, The Oprah Magazine, where she was the former Advertising Style Director for the past 13 years, has recently launched: "Currently Leaping" - her latest adventure on how to live your best life. Follow her on Instagram, @christinemulhearne, where she has pep talks regularly, words of encouragement to share, shopping lists prepared, and cocktails on ice!

Today, we discuss the loss of her dad, who passed away very unexpectedly, when she was 28, and the night she got engaged. We talk about how to navigate those wounds which are still being healed, 11 years later. We also discuss the positive side of losing your job during a pandemic, navigating divorce, and how to find and celebrate the "signs" that our loved ones show us to give us comfort!


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