Loss, Laughter and Healing Over Time with Chelsea London Lloyd x Yoga Magic

Today I am sharing my interview on my friend Ashley Sondergaard's podcast, Yoga Magic! Ashley generously shares her experience having a miscarriage in Ep 91 of her show. You can learn more on her IG: @yogamagicpodcast

Yoga Magic hosted by Ashley Sondergaard explores the world of self-care and self-discovery. On this show you'll learn from experts in healing, spirituality, beauty, wellness and yoga & gather an abundance of new wellbeing practices to try on and see what fits. Tune in if you're looking to expand your mind, open new doors, be honest and sometimes take a big ol’ handstand fall on the way. Say hi! @dyingoflaughter_podcast / DyingOfLaughterPodcast@gmail.com

LISTEN HERE: https://wavve.link/DyingOfLaughterPodcast/episodes

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/75vxFawQaaVpJzc6xJy2ua

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/loss-laughter-and-healing-over-time-with-chelsea/id1493572524?i=1000531593095

Do you like this show? Leaving a review on Apple Podcasts is extremely appreciated...I read & cherish every single one! @_ChelsWhoElse_

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