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5 Cancer Resources That Don't Suck

There are zillions of sites out there. Here are 5 sites that I have been using as of late, that are very informative / have actually been of great help to me during this time. These are the basics. I will look forward to digging deeper and finding even more niche sites down the line - and will be sure to post what I find in the coming weeks!

1. Susan G Komen |

"Susan G. Komen is the ONLY organization that addresses breast cancer on multiple fronts such as research, community health, global outreach and public policy initiatives in order to make the biggest impact against this disease."

Use it for: Learning about breast cancer statistics (only if you want to,) and how to volunteer in your community. I found relevant information related to metastatic breast cancer through this organization.

2. Meals At Your Door |

Use it for: Locating a free, local delivery services that will bring fresh groceries to your door step. I signed my mom up for a service that has been phenomenal! (It is called The Ceres Project, however it is only available in Marin County. Check out the site above to find a program near you. My mom receives 4 free meals per week along with a quart of soup, salad, and a vegan desert.)

3. American Institute for Cancer Research |

Use it for: Finding foods that fight cancer. There are mixed opinions on this with regards to self-treatment and eating habits related to recovery. In my opinion, no matter your perspective...eating healthy does not hurt. Ever. I found it interesting that foods like tumeric spices, walnuts, and green tea had such healing properties.

4. Cancer Support Community |

Use it for: Joining a free group therapy program in your community. After an interview, you become eligible to attend therapy in a group setting - free of charge. I had no idea such programs like this even existed, and cannot recommend this organization enough! My hope is that you are able to find a teen or young adult group near you.

5. Cancer Support Community Grassroots Advocacy Online Training Programs

Use it for: Educating yourself regarding next step training to become an official cancer advocate. If you are looking for more information as to how to take the next step in the world of advocacy, this site is for you. I haven't participated in any programs myself, but think that this is a good place to start if you are interested in going down this path and taking your knowledge + passion on the subject matter to the next level.

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