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Why I'm Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day 2018

The other day I called my mom to vent (as per usual) and noticed she was being quiet. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was waiting to be seen by her oncologist…and had been there for most of the afternoon. Despite having an appointment at one of the top medical facilities in the world, UCSF, she hadn’t been seen for 3.5 hours’ time.

What?! I thought. That’s not normal. You have to complain right away…nobody has time for that! They’re disrespecting you and your time. F*ck that.

Chelsea, she said. I am seeing one of the top breast cancer oncologists in the country. She specializes in advanced recurrent breast cancer cases and can only be in so many places at once. There are other women who are in higher need to see her asap, so I am fine to wait. I am happy for her to take as much time as she needs with those who require it most.

Why do you have to been by her, though? Can’t you just be seen someone else? I would be so mad.

No, I cannot. My scenario requires me to see a specialist at this level of care and there are only so many in the world. My time is valuable and I’m spending it this way in order receive the necessary care that my cancer requires. And hey, let’s be real…do I really have a choice?

Today, on National Cancer Survivors Day, I'm going to reach out to the men and women in my life who have survived cancer. I celebrate this day in honor of those who have been through cancer of some kind, in some aspect, at some point. I celebrate because we all have just one life to live, and we owe it to ourselves to acknowledge the time we have left.

There are 15.5M cancer survivors so chances are, you may know one or two, yeah? :) What choice are YOU making today? To take preventative action? To remember that your health is a gift? What will you do today, right now? My vote:

a) Call or text someone in your life who has survived cancer. I know it can feel awkward, random, or uncomfortable. But messages of positivity, encouragement, and support are well received. You got this!


b) Take 5 minutes today to acknowledge and appreciate the gift of your health, movement, and bodily functions.

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