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Free Breast Self-Exam Kits by BoobiButter

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and #FeelItOnTheFirst, I am partnering with BoobiButter, a female-founded company that wants you to feel your boobs! We're doing a giveaway...five girls will win a BoobiButter starter kit that shows you how to feel your boobs for lumps.

I have never done a giveaway before as it hasn’t felt authentic; but finally, I could not feel more passionate about this cause and am looking forward to announcing the winners on Thursday 10am PST!

ALSO, how cute is this dog?! @Naomichristie ’s dog, BoBo, would not stop running into every. single. shot. Safe to say I think he got his wish: being in the final edit. Unfortunately, dog not included in the giveaway. #SadFaceEmoji

For anyone new here, my mom has been combating stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for the 2nd time. Her first diagnosis came when when I was 8 years old, the same year my dad was diagnosed with ALS. By the time my mom’s lump was discovered, her cancer was at stage 3. I encourage young women to become intimately aware of your breast size/shape so that you can take action if you find anything RIGHT AWAY. Always go to a doctor if you are unsure about what you find. #FIOTF is also a good general reminder to be appreciative of your good health — and to not take life for granted.

Four girls will win a BoobiButter Starter Kit. One girl will receive a BoobiButter Starter Kit as well as $100 towards purchasing anything on the BoobiButter site!

The products smell AMAZING, and are all organic. WIN. This kit is a perfect gift for someone in your life who is interested in breast health. Or hey, maybe you know nothing about breast health and want to start learning. Cancer patients and daughters of cancer patients welcome, yet you do not have to have a cancer story to be nominated.

How to Enter:

1. Follow @_ChelsWhoElse_, @DaughtersOfSickParents, and @BoobiButter

2. Tag a friend you’d like to nominate comments below. Or nominate yourself with a __ emoji.

3. Bonus entry if you tell us in the comments why you/yourfriend should win! If there’s a personal story you don’t wish to share publicly, leave it in DM. But remember - your story may empower other women!

Must live in the US. Not associated with IG.

To enter the contest, click here: @_ChelsWhoElse_

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