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Cancer: When You Can't Run Away, Hit the Runway!

Raising awareness for Breast Cancer since ’98! Throwing it back to the time when my mom was diagnosed. #FBF to this fashion show that raised awareness for the cause —my mom had just been through surgery, radiation and chemo and was quite bald but here she is rocking her wig and looking fabulous. Cancer: When you can’t run away, hit the runway!

Are you laughing? Uncomfortable? Sad? Me too. All of it! And if your parent has recently has been diagnosed / you want to chat — message me! I speak with, to and for girls all over the world about this stuff and I want to help you, too!

Looking at this picture from so long ago makes me feel for the families who have to go through cancer and other illnesses for so many decades of their lives. Definitely never expected for it to come back 17 years later…but hey, life is crazy like that 💜

My favorite outfit was the “pajama” section because I got to bring up my fav stuffed animal (which I definitely still have, not gonna lie lol.) I named her ‘Amanda’ after a girl from my elementary school one year older than me. I though she was not only a nice person, but she ALSO had a purple American Girl jacket that I was obsessed with. 💜😂💜 #FeelItOnTheFirst #BreastCancerAwareness

#breastcancer #sickmom #metastaticbreastcancer

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