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Using Your Platform For Good

Thought I'd share this interview I did on the Actor Mindset Podcast. Host Amy McNabb asks such kind & vulnerable questions.... we spoke about the the business (of course) and more importantly, the power of the platform that you have right now, regardless of its size. I truly believe we all have the power to make a difference with where we are at right now, with the platform we have RIGHT. NOW. This took me a long time to admit. It was easier for me things off since "nobody will see it anyways," or "nobody will take me seriously until I have a real following." These things just aren't true. If you have 50 followers....imagine 50 people in a room. You are in front of them, speaking. What will you say? What will you do?

Sound clip: Click here

Full episode:

"Turn on your sound because this clip is 🔥😍⁣ @_chelswhoelse_ is SO RIGHT to say that you can make a difference right now with the platform you have.⁣ Listen in to Episode 025 with Chelsea to hear more about this PLUS...⁣ 💜 she generously shares the behind the scenes experience of testing for a big role that she ultimately didn’t get & what she learned⁣ 💜 the importance of putting yourself out there to meet other people in the industry ⁣ 💜 how to set attainable and achievable goals ⁣ ✨—> link in bio to listen now! <—✨"

Actor Mindset Podcast

🎧 a new podcast for actors in the grind 🎭 mindset hacks + inspirational stories 🎙 with host @amylmcnabb ✨ new episode every Thursday!

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