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Happy Lolidays! (Because Holidays = Lol)

If you don’t have the holly jolly pep in your step this year, that is 100% OK. This year brought incredible challenges for so many... social media can be a place that is toxic and draining. I say that as someone who loves it for so many reasons but can admittedly feel overwhelmed by it. If you’re scrolling right now and feeling stressed out or sad, just sharing that you’re not the only one and that you’re fucking awesome. I’m sorry for anything difficult you went through this year. Have a good week as best you can and know that you are amazing whether or not you feel in the mood this year, whether or not you get to see family, whether or not you have family.... 💫

Ending this year with a curated episode, consisting of some of the most downloaded episodes of this year. It's 36 minutes; search "The Best of Dying of Laughter 2020" wherever you get your podcasts or listen here.

Thank you for being here this year and happy lolidays! Because holidays this year = lol. xo

Ben Whitehair: Losing Your Mom to Breast Cancer/Mental Illness - Ep 34

Emily Cook: Losing Your Mom to Suicide - Ep 33

Brooke Burgstahler: Losing Your Brother in High School - Ep 5

Say hi! @dyingoflaughter_podcast | @_chelswhoelse_


The holidays may be a joyful time for some but for many others, it may also be a difficult time of year. In a time like this, it’s important to acknowledge the impact the pandemic has had on our mental health. Some people may be grieving the loss of loved ones, some people might be feeling isolated and disconnected, some people might be reminded of past events that leave them uneasy about celebrations. It’s important to check in on the people you love, including yourself.

Be kind to yourself during these challenging times. Better days are coming. You can and you will get through this.


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