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"I Lost a Loved One to COVID-19"

“It's okay if all you did today is survive.” As I reflect back on 2020, I release the need to have this groundbreaking, life-changing takeaway that in

spires others and myself. Is that wrong? Helpful? Analytical? I (definitely) learned, I (somehow) laughed, I relived, I received, I cried, I compared, I checked in, I checked out, I gave f*cks, I gave up, I gave in, I grew away, I grew up.

Last year I shared questions I was pondering - here are a few more: 1) how does one release the need to please, check in with, and (obsessively) care for others, even when having good intentions? 2) why must one’s anxious thoughts surround next year, next month, and tomorrow? 3) how does one turn to inspiration and change-making to avoid looking within? 4) when and where it is one’s place to step up or step aside? 5) why do good people die, and where do they go?

The last video I made in 2020 w/ my grief gal @halliesteiner is called “I Lost A Loved One to COVID-19”…I don’t share this to bring sorrow or pain to your heart, although that could happen. It’s a reminder of what happened, what happens, of beauty & pain, of sorrow and joy, of forgetting…and of remembering. Full version on BuzzFeed's YouTube, Facebook and IG.

You can watch it here:

Keep chugging on, keep giving a f*ck, keep being you. #newyearsameme


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