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Talking To The Other Side (& My Dad) with Medium Natalie Miles

Are you someone who listens to your intuition or who relies on advice from other people? I am often guilty of the latter, but in this conversation I learned so much. Oh...and my dad may or may not have popped in. So that startled me in the most profound and hilarious way. If you're hoping to follow your intuition more often, are intrigued by talking with the other side, and/or have experienced grief recently...this episode is for you!

Natalie Miles is a Channeler for the Collective, Psychic Medium, Writer, Speaker and Host of the top spiritual podcast on iTunes, “So You Think You’re Intuitive?” Today we talk about how she communicates with the other side, how to connect to your intuition, and what it's like channeling the dead. It’s her mission to make intuition accessible and be the “door opener” for others to connect to their intuition. She shares approachable, grounded, and easy-to-digest guidance on learning how to connect to these natural born gifts. @iamnataliemiles


Say hi! @dyingoflaughter_podcast Do you like this show? Leaving a review on Apple Podcasts is extremely appreciated...I read & cherish every single one! Thank you so much for being here!


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