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Why I Donated My Hair

I don’t know why this is so terrifying to mention but: donated my hair this weekend ✂️! I was growing her out since 2019 and she 👏needed👏 to👏 go! It’s funny how hair can bring up so much baggage surrounding identity. I have looked “the same” since about age 12, maybe longer. people have complimented me for how long/thick my hair is for most of my life (thank you! also, you should see the rest of my body!) Let's compare your extension bills with my waxing bills shall we 😂?) Hairdressers have been like uh, you cannot cut this! Weird to say, but a few have actually refused.

So my worth/identity has sometimes been tied to my hair. But like…why? Because I like compliments? Because it’s “who I am?” How is hair who I am lol? Makes no sense when you think about it. There is so much more to all of us than how we look. I chose Children With Hair Loss because it goes to kids. Saw too many people lose their battles to cancer last year. Their hair, physicality, identity etc humbling shifting constantly. Nowhere near enough time to share those stories here but… yeah 💕.

It never was or never will be the “right time” to learn how to style something new or to get new headshots or to jump into a new energy….so I just picked this weekend! My bf was OOT, it was a full moon 🌑 lol, my podcast’s 50th episode came out (w/ @audreyscoresmoore …um love her) & in hindsight, you know what is a lot more terrifying than change? Staying the exact same.

Cheers to that new energy ✨! When it doesn’t come for you, you come for IT! thanks to @naomisz (she is the best! so skilled and so hilarious, we love her) and @cwhl_org feeling light baby!! Also, how the F do I style this?


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